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Coming home

Sun, 28 Oct 2012

Coming home

In March 2010, we were leaving. Definitely leaving. I imagined that word in capital letters - six years of London life packed into three tea crates and left without a forwarding address. We would be fools to send our stuff back home, we figured. Sure we were headed towards New Zealand, but anything could happen in the interim. How can you begin to imagine the end, when you’re still haven’t left familiar roads? – Posted by Emma



Hello, we're Emma and Justin, two New Zealanders with bicycles and a tent who left London on 21 March 2010 and started cycling towards Asia.

After six years working in London, we decided that we wanted to travel for longer than a few weeks at a time so we could immerse ourselves as much as possible in places that we visit. We're not out to break any records but going by bicycle seems to be about the right speed for us to see the world.

Over six months in 2010 we cycled from Spain, through much of Southern and Eastern Europe and eventually into Turkey, covering our wiggly trip with regular blog entries.

After waiting out winter in Istanbul, we continued cycle touring through Russia, Mongolia, China and South East Asia, finally landing in Bangkok in mid-February 2012.

So far we have visited:


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