12 January 2008

posted by: Justin

Well its a new year and it seems to have kind of crept up on me without to much warning but now that its underway Im prety excited about what lies ahead.

Emma and I are in full swing of planning our holiday to Cuba for the end of February which should be very much fun. Ive got an initial route planning map here which shows where we are travelling to but Im adding and changing it every day at the moment as we figure things out. Plan is generally Havana, Vinales Valley, Trinidad, La Boca and then beach somewhere for a few days. Hopefully biking thrown in somewhere as well.

In other news my work is still mad as ever with role changing a bit at work so I now work across the Monarch group of companies which means Im very busy and split my time between two different offices so a bit of travelling. All good fun though.

Im also now a voulnteer at the Roundhouse music venue which is good fun and a great way to see music and otherwise sold out gigs for free.

Other things planned for this year include:

  • Bike ride to Laos maybe Septenber
  • Ride and camping from Exmoor to Lands End maybe July
  • Trip to Newcastle for a weekend at some stage
  • Seeing loads of music including
  • New York to see Radiohead in concert
  • Cimb/Hike Snowdonia

A few highlights since the last post include:

  • We spent Christmas in Paris with friends and had a very good time with nice food and company

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