A (hopefully Final) Winters Weekend

posted by: Justin

So this weekend has seen a few things going on which I thought it was worth writing a few words about. The weather has been pretty cold for starters with the most snow we have seen all winter. The snow wasn’t very heavy and didn’t stick around long but its still magical to see the garden and streets temporarily transformed.

Em and I have spent some of the weekend planning our next bike trip which is a 6 day route around Normandy in France. Its going to be a pretty much circular route starting at Dieppe heading west along the coast, back inland to follow the seine to Rouen and then north along the avenue verte to Dieppe

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Ive also been watching the TV coverage of the London leg of the 2008 Olympic torch relay with all of the associated protests. Its a fairly highly charged event and the police presence gives it a fairly ominous overtone I think. I think the very high level of media attention will hopefully raise the profile of the Free Tibet movement and bring the issues around China’s occupation of Tibet out into the open.

On a somewhat different note I’ve been investigating the new .Net MVC framework and am really impressed with how flexible and easy it is to work with. I’m still in the early stages of using this but combining it with the ADO.Net Entity Framework Tools as per the instructions on Brad Abrams tutorial.

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