Chickenpox Woes

posted by: Justin

Somehow I have managed to catch the worst disease I have ever experienced, Chickenpox. Ive had my body covered in bedbug bites, scabies crawling all over my skin and been devoured by midges but nothing compares to the itchiness and irritation of Chickenpox. On top of the itchiness you also get all the symptoms of a very bad case of the flu with headaches, muscle pain and lethargy.

When I felt myself getting sick around 5 days or so ago I put it down to a seasonal flu and took a few paracetamol then off to work. By the end of last Friday I thought something more was up as it was more than I could do just to pull the duvet up more snugly around my neck. Waking on Saturday morning I had a few tell-tale bumps and after a quick call to NHS direct I confirmed it was Chickenpox.

The last few days have been spent trying not to scratch any of the well over 200 bumps on my body and dosing myself at regular intervals with anti-histamines and flu remedies. Ive also been reading up about Chickenpox online and finding out that adult Chickenpox is not quite as rare as I first thought.

Im hoping that as the bumps start to scab over in the next few days I will feel a little better and that the itchiness will decrease a little. I usually have a very good level of health but catching Chickenpox has pretty much floored me forcing me to sleep a lot and despite my best efforts trying to do any type of work from home just tires me out to much. I think Chickenpox is worse in adults than children so if you have kids do your best to spare them this in later life try and get them infected as soon as you can!

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