Cycling, Terrahawks And No More Pox!

posted by: Justin

So I’ve been cycling and remembering Terrahawks a bit recently and you know what that means…I don’t have chickenpox anymore! I still have a few little scars remaining but they are gradually fading. Even so Chickenpox was not a lot of fun and Im very glad its over and done with hopefully for ever.

A few weeks back now Emma and I joined the London Critical Mass bike ride on a Friday night for a evening ride around central London. I particularly enjoyed being outside Westminster at the roundabout with cyclists circling the whole thing and the police helpfully stopping traffic for us until they got tired of the game and a paramedic car came through to break things up.

After Westminster we headed towards Camden and then back to the city center where Emma and I decided that after two hours of cycling it was time to head off and went back towards Kilburn.


Last weekend on 04th and 05th May Em and I cycled from London to Oxford following Sustrans routes 4 and 5. This was around 210km spread over two days and was our first biggish ride where we did more than 100km each day. My legs got pretty tired but all up it wasn’t to bad we saw loads of lovely countryside, spring lambs and foals, carpets of blue bells, canal boats and many a quaint village pub. Coming back to London it felt like we had been gone for much longer than two days.

My next upcoming trip is to Cinque Terre where we are going for my birthday 15 May – 18 May. Em is planning this but I reckon I might still get to share some photos, stories and maybe even my Google map.

On a different note just tonight I also remembered the 80’s TV show Terrahawks and for anybody else who remembers it check the video below.

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