Lands End To John O’Groats

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Emma has written up all the days of our trip in a wonderful way so rather than reprinting it all here are links to each set of days:

Below are my twitter posts made during the trip and a rough map of our route.
   Lands End To John O'Groats 280

  • Penzance to St Ives via Lands End. A few big hills mousehole in particular. Lovely cream tea. Sunset dinner + camp on a cliff above St Ives.
  • St Ives to Padstow very hilly but beautiful coast and every time you go up you get to come down. Rick Stein fish n chips for dinner yum yum. Lands End To John O'Groats 105
  • Padstow to Okehampton rolling hills n wobbling legs. A day of rain but good to know pasties are waterproof. Bunk house tonight to dry shoes.
  • Okie to Holman Clavel lots of sunshine made my 7 hours cycling a bit easier. Hills a bit smaller legs just as tired. No local snacks today.
  • HC to Priddy grey day but good views over somerset and lots of flat rd for a change. Wet evening in tent but local bacon + cider make it OK.
  • No cell signal for a few days so no updates. Priddy to llanthony a big day. Severn bridge crossed. Enter the welsh valley as sun slides away
  • Llanthony rest day for ems birthday. Washing. Bike tidy up. Bit of a hill walk to top of ridge then pub dinner with more than 3 ingredients.
  • Llanthony to bishops castle. Beautiful bike ride from llanthony big downhill to hay on wye. Bbq for dinner and pitch with a view…again.
  • BC to chester. Early climb over stiperstones with cake stop. A mostly flat grey day. Pitch view of calves + cows. Nav challenge of Lvpl 2mw
  • Chester to Ormskirk via lvrpl. Zigzag along Wirral ferry cross the Mersey. ShardsLands End To John O'Groats 040 of glass, shutter doors, face down arrest. View of hedge.
  • Ormskirk to Hawkshead. Massive day on flat plains. Brooding hills + thunder clouds ahead as we climbed hill from windermere. View of ducks.
  • I just ate: bacon + mushrooms, muesli + fruit, steak slice, triple choc cheesecake + bannana milkshake. I think cycling is making me hungry
  • Hawkshead to keswick. Rest day but got few miles done as sunny. Ride by Thirlmere lovely. View of White Pike hill from tent. Midges attack!
  • Keswick to Anan. On Carrock Fell roaming ponies tried to eat ems towel. Lucky bike faster than pony. View of huge blue sky above Solway.
  • Anan to Coylton. Cairspharn very remote sheep + wind. No accom in towns of boarded up houses. Camp in farmers field. View of million midges!
  • Coylton to Brodick. Long coastal run to ferry then steep hill. Rhubarb crumble for lunch. B&B tonight after farmers field need a duvet.
  • Brodick to Kilmelford. Coast to ferry low steel skies. Lunch at Tarbert co-op flapjacks rule. Camped in yard
    of pub. Midges bad again.
  • Kilmelford to Fort William. Cool morn then hot. Swim in a loch max 2mins. Busy Lands End To John O'Groats 271road to campsite beneath Ben Nevis. View of summit at sunset.
  • FW to Inverness. Canal + Forest paths along lochs feels like a newly found land.Uphill to 400m for views across loch ness. View of fence.
  • Inverness to Helmsdale. Lots of main roads today as few options. Saw seals bathing in sun. Tea + scone fixed my knee. Best hostel in world.
  • Helmsdale to Thurso. Maybe best ride of trip. Big empty eggshell sky. Hills looming. Lochs reflecting. Deep fried dinner. View of thunder.
  • Thurso to JOG. Windy ride. Think legs knew end was nigh. Photos with bikes. We made it. Celebratory bacon + square sausage bun. Onto Wick.

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one response to “Lands End To John O’Groats”

  • What a brillant trip & the food sounds brillant. The description of the trek is excellent, makes one wish that I was part of the trip.

  • Bob on January 14th, 2010 at 6:25 am

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