Small Victories

posted by: Emma

The best part of this week had to be getting out on our bikes to Richmond Park on Sunday. The weather was fine, the hills stretched our legs and we spotted a few deer. IMG_4603Other highlights include some successes on the preparation front – the list of things we need to buy and do before the trip is shrinking with every passing day (only 62 days to go) and despite some adversities we’ve ticked some big things off in the last week or so.


We gambled on sending our older scuffed up pannier set back to Ortlieb just after Christmas. They had been well used as commuter panniers over three years or so, but Em noticed a stitch unravelling around the trim of her bag which she thought might be covered by the manufacturing defect warranty. We wrote a nice letter and thought, at best, they might fix it for free, and at worse they’d charge us more than the £10 quoted by canvas specialists in Camden to stitch it up. An email this week from wiggle said that Ortlieb have deemed that our perfectly usable panniers are un-repairable, but that replacements would be sent free of charge. We asked by reply if we could pay to upgrade to the lighter Plus version and wiggle said that they’d do that for free!

Bank account

Joint bank account opened with only one lost cheque and two lost applications however as the bank was making up for mistakes with above, the process moved along much more swiftly than the rumoured 6 – 8 week wait that we were anticipating.


Samsumg N140 Netbook brought from Ebuyer despite silly online purchase shenanigans which saw Justin almost buying same computer for £30 more than his original order. Ebuyer eventually redeemed themselves, delivering package next day and refunding overcharge. Drive partitioned and Windows XP replaced Windows 7 started after only five attempts – not that Justin’s a perfectionist.


We did a quick search on the net for a reliable cell-phone with good battery life and the Samsumg D500 was the 5 minute research winner. We looked at a photo of one and realise it looks a lot like Emma’s – on checking it’s a D600, but it will do the job nicely. We brought a second battery for £2.50 on ebay instead of a whole new cell.


Justin’s mum’s Christmas package arrived containing the mugs we had our eyes on in Kathmandu, sealed top drink bottles and nice bamboo tee-shirts. Thanks Mum.

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