Four Days Of Chores

posted by: Justin

So another weekend passes us by and at only 52 days to go today departure seems closer than ever. I’m fluctuating between feeling like we are well on top of things and having sudden panic attacks that we don’t yet have:

a. Cable ties….Wait Em says we have enough….Phew!
b. Zip-lock bags
c. AAA rechargeable batteries etc.

So as you can see we are getting down to the real detail of trip preparation now. Our last major purchase was last Thursday when we picked up a new Katadyn pocket water filter off ebay.

Day 1 – Friday

On Friday I finished the build of the Samsung N140 netbook we will be travelling with. The netbook is now running a full development environment for the websites I support. I’m also able to maintain things like the Windows Live Writer plug-in I have written (more on that in a later post). So we are now working solely off the netbook which I have to say is suprisingly easy to adapt to. My main gripe is the need to use a “Fn” (function) key to enable the “Home” and “End” keys as I use these continuously when programming.

In the evening there was a break from chores and a possibly final dinner at local Indian restaurant Vijays where they yet again amazed us with the wonderful south Indian food. Almost as good as the food from our trip to India in February 2009.

Day 2 – Saturday

Saturday saw us fitting front racks to our bikes. Emma’s front rack is a Tubus Tara which feels very solid and was a breeze to fit. It stays in line with her silver accessory theme and will be completed at a later date with a dashboard bouncy head ornament on the tyre hoop.

My rack is the Thorn MK5 Low Loader which feels incredibly sturdy and looks really slick with its matte black finish to tie in with the overall colour scheme of my bike. Note I seem to be only talking about colour schemes in relation to the racks at the moment but don’t worry I will post a more detailed account of how the racks perform once we have been using them for a few weeks on the road.

Day 3 – Sunday

Today we have fitted bike computers and double sided flat and clip-less pedals along with making a new ground sheet and cover for the bikes. In the afternoon we started making a few plans for how we want to spend time with Emma’s Dad and Judy when they visit France and Italy in June next year.

Day 4 – Monday

Tomorrow Em has taken the day off work and we are visiting the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. We are expecting to get Rabies and maybe Tick Borne Encephalitis injections, so hopefully there wont be to many other vaccines recommended otherwise we will be out of arms for needles to be stuck into.

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