Lists, Lists, Lists…

posted by: Justin

Lists, Lists, ListsSo another weekend has flown by leaving us only 4 until we leave for Spain. Our departure is now so close its gone beyond scary and is becoming a kind of daunting certainty.

Overall we are making good progress though as shown by the picture of just a few of the various lists we have been working through. We have lists for things to do, lists of gear, lists of tasks for a specific day and sometimes when we feel particularly disorganised we have lists summarising the other lists. All this serves to reinforce that while there is a lot to do we have done a hell of a lot of organisation to date.

A brief sample of some of the things that have filled our days for the last week or so:Paramo Quito

  • Turning our room from a cycle repair shop and storage area into a lovely tidy homely loft so we could show it to new housemates. Luckily this is mostly sorted with 4 potential couples all keen to take it.
  • Visiting the dental hygienist which was terrifying for Emma and interesting for me. I got a new dental tool called the TePe.
  • Purchased a bunch of new gear including helmet, Paramo Quito jacket and gloves.
  • Ordering all our bike spare parts as well as upgrading our brakes to Kool Stop salmon
  • Donated Emma’s old Mac G3 via to earn some Karma.

We are continuing to find things in our room to recycle or throw out. Both of us are enjoying the feeling of de-cluttering our lives and I’m amazed at how much stuff we kept that on reflection isn’t important at all.

Since the last blog I have finished off our new route map so thought I would plug it here. The map shows our planned route, actual route (when we start travelling) and allows you to make suggestions for places we should visit. Check it out and let me know if you have any comments on how it works.

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