Italian Gear Drop

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Most of our gear is holding up pretty well so far but with May and June birthdays in mind and a few repair parts needed, we got some bits and pieces ordered to reach us in mid-June. If you’re planning an extended cycle-touring trip you might find the following interesting.

New supplies

Leaving London we also left well-stocked outdoors shops and bicycle shops behind so we needed to get things shipped to us overseas. These are the bits that we decided we needed 10 weeks on:

  • New set of Orikasi fold-flat dinnerware: we had burnt the plastic in most of our last set using the plates as lids for pots
  • Books: Bird identification book for Emma, weather book for Justin, Eastern Europe phrasebook and three second-hand novels
  • Kool Stop brake pads: these don’t need replacing yet but we haven’t found a bike shop which stocks them yet on our travels.
  • SDHC memory card so a copy of photos can be taken back to New Zealand
  • Therm-a-rest Z-Lite sleeping mats: closed cell mats to replace our leak-prone self-inflating mats, delivered to a campsite in Florence.
  • Silicon seam-sealer: to fix holes in tent fly
  • From NZ: some kiwi stickers for our bikes, peanut slabs, emergency foil blankets, fridge magnets, electronic bug zapper and insect repellent to replace our jungle strength bottle which is almost empty.

 Resupply Photo


We were planning to meet up with my parents in Tuscany and had arranged to stay in rental accommodation with them for two weeks which made getting deliveries a little easier.

We ordered items online and sent a number of small packages to our good friend Cat in London who re-packed it into one parcel, then sent it to an address where we were staying at for the first week with my parents. Thanks Cat!

It was trickier with our new sleeping mats. After an hour of online searching we found an Italian retailer who had them in stock, then with the help of the receptionist at our campsite in Alba we called ahead to a Florence campsite to ask if they would accept the delivery, also calling the Italian stockists to check that they had them and determine shipping dates. Thankfully the mats were waiting for us when we checked in at Camping Michelangelo.

From France, Yves and Ingrid forwarded the Silicon Sealer that Hilleberg had sent them to fix our tent directly to our Reggello villa where it was waiting on arrival.

On request Bruce and Judy brought a few things from New Zealand for us and added to their luggage a few other bits and pieces that they thought might be useful.  two tubs of kiwi marmite didn’t make it through customs as apparently it’s smear-able!

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  • You’re welcome guys! Glad it all made it and you’re now properly stocked up for the weeks ahead. Hopefully we’ll be able to come out and see you somewhere sunny!

  • Cat on June 23rd, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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