Day Of Food – Italy

posted by: Emma

This is what we ate during one cycling day in Italy. We ticked all the boxes for the clichéd Italian food as our day started from a forest free camp continued as we cycled through towns pre-occupied with the Italy vs Slovakia world cup match and ended in our quietest free camp yet next to the Fonte Avellana monastery. Maybe the monks vow of silence has spread to the forest critters!


Cereal, fruit and yoghurt, bread and jam with a side order of focaccia (there is never a bad time for focaccia we have learnt).

Day of food

 Day of food

 Day of food


Mystery canned fish, olives, cucumber, carrot and tomato salad with bread.

Day of food

Afternoon Snack

Our daily gelato fix. Note we don’t usually get the cute cones on top.

Day of food


Top of a mountain, sun setting, church bells ringing in forest monastery and spaghetti bolognese on our plates. Surprisingly nice long life cappuccino cake for dessert.

 Day of food

 Day of food

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