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posted by: Justin

When we have time we try to add new features and content to our website on top of theViews Along Po River blog posts and photos we try to regularly update. Some of the recent things we have added (and fixed) are described below.

  • Route map – This shows our most recent GPS location and is usually based on a waypoint from our evening campsite (green markers), our original planned route (blue markers) and reader suggestions (light blue markers). If you want to suggest a location for us to visit just click the point on the map and fill in the form that is displayed. 

    Note that this map has been in place for a while but had a bug meaning suggestions weren’t being recorded correctly. If you already suggested a location please take a minute to re-suggest it.

  • Thanks page – Throughout our trip we have been amazed at how much help and assistance people are willing to give us. This page shows some of the people that have helped us in big and small ways with links to the related blog posts.
  • Email alerts – This feature has been around since the launch of our website but we have recently improved the email format a little. If you want to receive alerts when we post new messages then simply enter your email address into the box and you will receive a short email about each new blog post. You can unsubscribe at any time using links within the emails.
  • Gear Pages – We have added updates about how some of our gear is performing now we are on the road and will continue to update this as we go along.

We have had lots of nice comments about our website but as we are working on it on the road we know there is room for improvement – if there is anything you would like to see more of (or less of) just let us know via our contact page.

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2 responses to “Website Updates”

  • what I’d like to see is a photo of all your now, in contrast with how it looked before you set off. Or perhaps this could be an idea for later on.
    How long does it take you to pack and unpack each day?

    My news is that I have resumed swimming and have in just a week gotten up to swimming a kilometre a day, I hope to increase this to 2 km in the coming fortnight.

    yours in supreme envy as always,

  • Scoop on June 30th, 2010 at 11:38 am
  • Thats a great idea Scoop we will do a before vs after type post in the future, maybe after I stop shaving (only one UK razor blade left now). Packing and unpacking each day varies depending on if we are in a campsite or free camp. Campsite can take up to 2 hours to get going in the morning but a free camp can be as quick as 20mins if we feel like we need to skedaddle out of somewhere.

    Well done on the swimming we have only just gotten to some beaches on our trip and Ive realised how much my swimming has suffered from living in London. Five mins treading water and Im out of breath. Well best be off only a few hours till ferry to Croatia and need to find some pasta fresca for final Italian dinner. – Justin

  • Justin on July 1st, 2010 at 3:15 pm

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