Italy By Numbers

posted by: Emma

We’ve always loved Italian food, and while we had some substandard focaccia and Rome - Colosseogelato in Italy, overall the cuisine lived up to our expectations (oh and the scenery was spectacular as well). We left food heaven with more insect bites than we arrived with, possibly more weight (see gelato figures below) plus fantastic memories of the roads we travelled and the people who stopped to talk to us in every small town we passed. Here are some facts and figures from our time in Italy:

  • 1656 km cycled (longest day 119 km leaving Po Valley, shortest day 18 km on the day we left Emma’s parents)
  • 10 nights in campsites, 13 nights free camping, 16 nights in real beds (thanks Bruce and Judy)
  • 1 punctured rear inner tube (Emma’s bike again!)
  • 1 punctured tent inner thanks to over amorous cat in Anghiari (thank god we’ve got seam sealer…)
  • 1 broken front brake cable (Justin’s bike)
  • 1 broken rear gear shifter (Justin’s bike again!)
  • 3 meals containing truffle consumed
  • 3 rainy days cycling plus a few showers when we were staying at villas but we’re not counting those
  • 3 times we were chased by dogs (well Justin’s usually chased and they get tired by the time Emma passes them)
  • 6 swims managed in campsite pools, ocean and thermal pools
  • 7 pizza meals (best Gusto pizza in Florence, close second Kirsten’s homemade pizza)
  • 156 scoops of Gelato consumed – approximated (most frequent flavours chocolate fondante, coffee, lemon and yoghurt)
  • 60 million Italians wished that New Zealand weren’t holding their own in the world cup

Justin will remember: Eating wine and sugar bread after walk to Casa San Antonio with locals from Regello and cycling through the Piano Grande

Emma’s best day of cycling: Down from one pass and up another to Passo di Teglia where we made camp around an open fire and watched the sunset over the maritime alps

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