Day Of Food – Bosnia

posted by: Justin

We captured our final full day of food in Bosnia which for a change didn’t include any burek. We had final breakfast with Amin in Sarajevo, met two cyclists on their way from Tibet to France after lunch and found a free camp spot for our final night in the country where just for a change, it started to rain as we cooked dinner.

This post documents what two well fed and rested cyclists ate in one day in Bosnia.

Breakfast and morning eating

Bread rolls for first breakfast. Bosnia’s best pull apart bread for second breakfast. Nut mixture for morning snack.

Day of food - Breakfast 

Day of food - Bread 

Day of food - Nuts


Cucumber and goats cheese sandwiches. If you squint, the graffiti almost looks like ‘yum’.

Day of food - Lunch 


Petit Beurre biscuits and weird milky creamy chocolate.

Day of food - Snacks


Beef noodle soup from a packet with added mushrooms, pasta and bread. Not quite ripe pears for dessert.

Day of food - Dinner 

Day of food - Dessert

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