Bosnia By Numbers

posted by: Justin

Bosnia and Herzegovina gave us a new appreciation of burek and the importance of bridges toSarajevo buildings Bosnian history. We became happily trapped in Sarajevo by Amin’s hospitality and traded cycling kilometres for watching movies at the film festival, meeting his friends, and hanging out in the Gir bike store “reading” German cycling magazines. Here are some facts and figures from our time in Bosnia:

  • 397 km cycled (longest day 91 km, shortest day 12 km). Bike computers seem to have developed a few glitches so figures don’t quite add up anymore
  • 3 nights in campsites, 1 night free camping, 7 nights with roof over head (in Amin’s spare room)
  • 18 pieces of Bosnian pie (Burek) consumed
  • 7 days off the bikes in Sarajevo (biggest city break to date!)
  • 2 days we cycled in 30 degree plus temperatures
  • 2 film festival movies watched
  • 1 English word taught – “Hospitable”
  • 1 major computer melt down (fixed in five hours)
  • 1 punctured inner tube with slow leak not fixed before we left Bosnia (Justin’s bike)

Justin will remember: Watching the sunset from a balcony in Sarajevo with an Aussie BBQ smoking in the background and listening to Salmonella Dub.

Emma’s best moment: Realising we would be in Sarajevo for some of the film festival.

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