Day Of Food – Serbia

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This is what we ate on the day we left new friends in Novi Beograd and cycled west towards Novi Sad. In the excitement of meeting more than 100 canoeists in a small village along the Danube river (part of the annual TID event) we completely forgot the day’s important assignment and didn’t take a snapshot of our dinner of aubergine and chickpea curry. We hope you’ll forgive us for including the following night’s cold hotel room dinner instead!

The below documents what two over-tired cyclists ate in one-and a-bit days in Serbia.


Last night’s apple crumble with ice cream raided from Aleksander and Milica’s fridge. Bread that tastes like pretzels and small stick of Burek to get us back into the cycling mood.

Day of food - Breakfast

Day of food - Breakfast #2


Yes we are mature adults but its hard to resist dinosaur shaped crisps with free temporary tattoo. This was eaten before weird squeezy cheese, tomato and capsicum (known as paprika throughout the Balkans) sandwiches. Oh, fresh peaches too.

Day of food - Lunch

Day of food - Lunch

Day of food - Lunch


Shredded cabbage, carrot and grapefruit salad with the first blue cheese we’ve seen since Italy and local feta. Too much baklava for dessert meaning I fall into a food-induced coma and we both miss out on Novi Sad’s night life.

Day of food - Dinner

Day of food - Dinner

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