Serbia By Numbers

posted by: Justin

We cycled into SerbiaCrossing Danube to Ram through a national park, spending our first night as guests in a tiny farmhouse just outside Mokra Gora. The hospitality of our first night was repeated many times throughout Serbia whether by people buying us coffee, campsites offering free pitches and breakfast snacks, or an international canoeing group welcoming us to their campsite. In Belgrade we learnt a lot from our great hosts Aleksander and Milica. We left Serbia after a loop around the Danube which, despite bugs and breakages we’d started to grow quite attached to.

Here are some facts and figures from our time in Serbia:

  • 884 km cycled (longest day 115 km, shortest day 46 km)
  • 2 nights in campsites (1 for free), 6 nights free camping, 7 nights with roof over head (including 2 hotel nights)
  • 100+ canoeists shared hospital grounds with us overnight
  • 8 days cycling along the Danube river
  • 3 thunderstorms, all while we were in shelter
  • 3 navigation devices broken (Garmin Dakota GPS, Map case, laptop screen)
  • 2 ferry rides (one with our bikes across the Danube for free – see photo)
  • 2 restaurant meals (one thanks to Aleksander and Milica)
  • 1 bicycle crash – Loss of concentration by Justin saw him swerve across road and almost stack a fully loaded touring bike into a ditch
  • 1 broken chain link – Emma’s bike again
  • 1 town we were escorted out of by a local on a scooter (we guess Knicanin wasn’t expecting any touring cyclists)
  • 1 gypsy wedding almost drove us off the road then held traffic up for a horse drawn parade

Justin will remember: Spending our first night in Serbia in a tiny farmhouse eating home made cheese and talking late into the night with Aleksander.

Emma’s best cycling day: marvelling at the view over to Romania while cycling along the Dobra National Park and catching sight of a huge face carved into the cliffs opposite.

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one response to “Serbia By Numbers”

  • It was so great to skype with you when you were “living the high life” in the air-conditioned hotel room in Bulgaria! I’m pleased you decided to stop and catch your breath a bit after the series of mishaps to bodies and gear over the past few weeks. I saw that you were on line today when I was checking my e-mail, but unfortunately my client was knocking on the door so I couldn’t skype you and catch up. I can’t believe it’s been 5+ months on the road already – at my end the time has flown by, but I guess (from your end) that it’s seemed like…. well…. about 5 months since you left UK!

    You are on such an awesome adventure and storing up experiences and memories which you will have for life. You might be having the time of your lives, but I can tell you it’s also pretty exciting for me to live vicariously through your travels.

    I’m in Taranaki and Hawkes Bay this week – doing so much driving lately it’s a bit tempting to just keep a bag packed in the car boot and a bed permanently made up for Jazz at the kennels! Off to HB tomorrow and just seen on the TV that there’s a serious weather warning there, so that will be fun driving through the hills! Take care of each other. Love, Maggie xxx

  • Maggie on August 30th, 2010 at 11:46 am

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