Day Of Food – Bulgaria

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Bulgaria confounded us a bit on the food front: we struggled to find fresh bread shops like those we had been accustomed to in the rest of the Balkans and fresh fruit and vegetables weren’t on shop shelves where we expected to see them. At the end of this day of food we decided to treat ourselves to a stay at the posh Hotel Bulgaria in Minerali Bani. For dinner we dismissed the easy English menu at our hotel restaurant and braved a deserted mehana restaurant in the township where our pointing randomly at the menu strategy produced giggles from the chef but a very memorable meal (including french fries – result!)

The below documents what two hungry cyclists ate in one day in Bulgaria.


Emergency first breakfast of greasy banitsa (local pastie) with white cheese filling (they only come with white cheese filling). Second breakfast of muesli (hidden in photo) with sort of savoury yogurt and fresh pear eaten down the road after we had found the main shopping area of the village.

Morning snack - Day of food

 Breakfast - Day of food 

Mid-morning snack

Snack shop bread roll with white cheese inside and sprinkled with some sort of vegetable salt.

Snack - Day of food


Freshly baked rolls filled with beef rissoles and a giant Bulgarian tomato. The apple below was officially declared the best apple of the trip so far.

Lunch - Day of food

 Lunch - Day of food

Pre-swim snacking

Paprika Chio crisps (average) and plain biscuits eaten to ensure we had energy for swim and sauna.

Evening Snack - Day of food 


Dinner out at a mehana, from left: tomato salad, toast (!), some sort of meat stew, french fries, tarator soup made with cucumber and yogurt and served cold.  Justin’s dish of chicken in a mushroom sauce not pictured. Suffice to say we were satisfied.

Dinner - Day of food

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