Bulgaria By Numbers

posted by: Justin

The north of Bulgaria was wide empty countryside and quiet back roads. As we followed Road to Greek borderthe Danube east the fields became filled with endless rows of drooping sunflowers past their prime. The friendliness of the local people amazed us as every day someone gave us food and drink and we were even welcomed into homes. Bulgaria will always be special as we now have an always waiting home for us in the tiny village of Malak Izvor with Sabrina and Sabatine.

Here are some facts and figures from our time in Bulgaria:

  • 638 km cycled (longest day 109 km on the day we entered Bulgaria, shortest day 20 km)
  • 0 nights in campsites (there weren’t any enroute!), 6 nights free camping, 5 nights in real beds inc 1 night with tobacco farmers
  • 2 broken chains on bikes – 1 for each of us
  • 5 new holes in tent from trapped crickets
  • 5 tomatoes given to us by strangers
  • 3 days we battled swarms of flies on long slow up-hill climbs
  • 3 frappes drunk (by Justin)
  • 2 conversations held in languages other than English or Bulgarian (Spanish and Italian)
  • 2 fresh pears given to us as gifts
  • 2 swims in thermal water (thanks Emma’s old workmates for the leaving present)
  • 2 ice cold cokes offered while we filled up with water
  • 1 very memorable home cooked meal
  • 1 cheek pinched by elderly villager (Emma’s)

Justin will remember: Meeting local people intent on giving us directions and finding yet more holes in Bessie our tent.

Emma’s best cycling moments: First uphill climb for ages to ski field stormy free camp then pure downhill the following morning.

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