Greece By Numbers

posted by: Emma

An empty highway with extra wide shoulder, a border town filled with cafes and Justin swimming Ardas riverrestaurants and a road through a river with people camping on either side. This visit to Greece was a quick hop through to avoid a busier road from Bulgaria to Edirne, Turkey. We learnt no Greek and saw no sights, but our time here was as sweet as the coffees we tasted before exiting the country.

Here are some facts and figures from our short time in Greece:

  • 42 km cycled (39 km from the Bulgaria border and 3 km to the Turkish border)
  • 1 night free camping by the river in a old festival camping space
  • 2 pork giros consumed (Greek kebabs mmmm)
  • 2 early morning Greek coffees drunk
  • 1 sandy river swim (plus Emma walked across the river road)
  • 0 mechanical failures or breakages of any description (alright!)
  • 0 words of Greek learnt

Justin will remember: Returning to a petrol station for a map of Turkey within 24 hours of having left Greece – 38km round trip.

Emma’s we’re in Greece moment: Finding a snack shop open which sells Giros. We had been thinking about this Greek speciality for the last 30 kilometres and my only authentically Greek sample didn’t disappoint!

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