Turkey By Numbers

posted by: Emma

The observant may note that we’re still in Turkey. As winter approaches and our bicycles are gettingIstanbul palace gate accustomed to an indoor life, we thought it was timely to summarise our cycling adventures from Edirne to Cappadocia and back to Istanbul. Over a month on the road we tapped into a tiny part of this huge land, were amazed by the scale of the landscapes we cycled through and the never ending generosity and curiosity of the people we met along the way.

Here are some facts and figures from our time cycle touring in Turkey:

Justin’s scariest moment: Huddling in our tent listening to the panting of wild dogs around our tent then seeing them in daylight and realising they were huge – as high as our tent and super strong.

Emma’s most memorable meal: Six of us cycle tourists sat down to a huge dinner of Mexican chilli we prepared together at Kaya Camping in Goreme. Special thanks to Roger for grating an entire block of cheese with our tiny pocket grater.

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  • I love how I have to do a maths test every time I leave a comment! Just wanted to say I’m pleased that wee grater is getting some good use and helping to feed the multitude. I’d call that going above and beyond its wee call of duty!

  • Cat on September 30th, 2010 at 9:09 am

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