Merry Christmas From Turkey

posted by: Emma

There are no empty parsnip bins at the supermarket. No desire to browse for emergency presents. No pine tree sellers charging extortionate prices for a dead tree. No barbecues (New Zealand) nor detailed planning to combat lack of public transport (London). From the first place we’ve ever lived where Christmas isn’t celebrated we’d like to warmly wish everyone a happy holiday period.

In lieu of sending Christmas cards (oops too late for that) we wanted to post a big thank you to everyone who has helped us out over the past year. We’ve given some of you the credit you deserve by sticking your mugs on our thanks page.

If you want a little light holiday reading, we’ve compiled most of the questions we’ve been asked by email into our FAQ page.

Its not really the festive season without at least one cute cat picture. These are two of the strays which spend their days outside our window.

Neighbourhood stray cats

Thanks for joining us for the adventure!


Emma and Justin

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  • Emma and Justin, we will be thinking of you as we enjoy our Kiwi Christmas – best wishes – and we will have a toast to our two intrepid travellers. Luv Dad and Judy

  • Bruce and Judy on December 25th, 2010 at 12:57 am

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