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Following a bumper month of meeting cycle tourists in December, January proved to be a little less busy with only one pair of cycling house guests and a single evening meet-up. Our recumbent riding house guests gave me a my first ever chance to coast briefly down hill on a recumbent and even with Mike keeping me balanced I felt totally out of control.

French couple Mike and Amandine are on a  honeymoon cycling trip carrying their wedding bicycle ornament with them all the way – this is on the back on Amandine’s bike in the photo below. They stayed with us for a few days before heading out of Istanbul towards Izmir and a few weeks of winter wooffing. They had cycled through what to us seemed like some very wintery conditions with night time temperatures near to minus 25 degrees and fairly regular snow while they were in Montenegro. Their trip started in France and they are hoping to reach foothills of the Himalayas in Kyrgyzstan before circling back towards Europe via Russia. We were intrigued by a number of their inventions including a dynamo battery charger and portable wood burning stove.

Follow their trip at: (Website in French)

Amardine + Mike - Warmshowers

Australian Kate contacted us through our website asking if we would like to meet up with her and her friend Jacqui before they headed out of Istanbul to start their cycle trip heading Northwards. Its not often that we hear from people who are starting out from Istanbul so we were intrigued to discover that their planned route was to explore further west in Turkey for a while before heading North through the Baltics, some of Eastern Europe and circling through Finland and Sweden into Norway. Its an unusual route and takes in a lot of countries that we would have loved to include in our own trip. 

Follow their trip at:

Jacqui + Kate

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