Istanbul Cycle Tourists – Feb

posted by: Justin

The wintery month of February has flown by with as you might expect only the hardiest of cycle tourists on the road. We read a few blog posts of cyclists passing through Istanbul and after a flurry of Warmshowers hosting requests ended up only hosting a single cyclist this month.

Roberto stayed with us for his last few nights in Istanbul before he headed towards the Greek border on his way to Italy. Roberto had arrived in Turkey after spending some time cruising around the Greek Islands by boat and was carrying an inflatable kayak. The extra 20kg this added to the back of his bike plus four very full panniers easily made Roberto the most loaded cycle tourist we have ever met. Roberto was an interesting guest with a very wide experience of cycle touring over the last 15 years including tours on every continent. We chatted about his experiences gaining sponsorship from cycling related companies and how one memory he had of New Zealand was that everybody seemed to have bread-making machines.

Roberto - Warmshowers

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