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Over the last six months of living in Istanbul we have had the chance to met many cycle tourists. Some ofAshley in Taksim Square them were bravely cycling eastwards through the winter while we huddled indoors, some were ending their summer cycling holiday and others were figuring out where they were headed on the road. All of the cyclists we met helped keep our enthusiasm for cycling topped up and the time spent swapping stories was always entertaining.

We have eagerly followed a few websites watching for word of routes and experiences in Turkey and further afield. As our own departure date draws closer we wanted to say a big thank you to everybody we have met for taking time to spend with us and for helping our winter off the bikes fly by in a blur.

Each month over winter we wrote a short summary of the cycle tourists passing through Istanbul we met and what their travel plans were. As we farewell Istanbul, we thought we’d share their progress.


Ashley Hooper
London, UK to New Zealand
We only met Ashley briefly for an afternoon chat before he raced eastwards through Turkey and on into Iran. He flew from Iran to northern India and has spent the last few weeks in Nepal most recently in Pokhara enjoying stunning vistas of the Himalayas.

Mike Quinlan 
Budapest, Hungary to India and beyond
Mike was our first ever Warmshowers guest and after leaving us spent a further 3 weeks circling Turkey before flying to Bombay and cycling around the southern tip of India and most recently moving onto Sri Lanka.

We also met Hando a Korean cyclist heading through Turkey, Syria and Egypt hoping to make it as far home towards Korea as he could. We have lost track of Hando since he left Turkey so Hando if you are reading this drop us an email to let us know how you are doing.

Hando a Warmshowers guest Mike our first Warmshowers guest


Kevin Shannon
A zero emissions circumnavigation
Kevin stayed with us for a few days while figuring out his onward travel plans in November. Since then he spent the winter in Serbia and resumed his journey east from Istanbul a few weeks back. Most recently Kevin has had some delays with his visa processing and is currently figuring out his next steps.

Fred Bouwman
Dublin, Ireland to Singapore
Fred has cycled via the south coast of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, India and most recently flying into Thailand where from the looks of his blog he is enjoying the relative calm after India.

Ryan + Rebecca
London, UK to New Zealand
We followed Ryan and Rebecca’s progress along the Black Sea coast of Turkey closely as this is the route we plan to cycle as we head to Trabzon. In the last few days they have left Iran into Turkmenistan and are currently racing the 5 day visa limit across the 550km of road towards Uzbekistan.

In November we also enjoyed a meal with Jenny and Matt on one of their last nights in Istanbul before they flew home to Australia at the end of their cycle tour across Europe. They have since posted the recipe for the meal we shared which will be added to our campsite cookbook.

 Ryan + Rebecca Kevin a Warmshowers guest


Matt + Debs
Norfolk, UK to Kenya and maybe beyond
Matt and Debs travelled the southern coast of Turkey before heading south through Syria and into Jordan where their photos of thermal waterfalls make us jealous.

Jimmy Rathbone
Sheffield, UK to Iran and maybe Syria
Jimmy cycled east towards Iran through some of the coldest weather of any of the cyclists we met. Entering Iran he decided to do some travelling by bus to make the most of his visa time before heading to Georgia and then maybe south into Syria.

Rob McIntyre
John O’Groats, UK to Cape Town, South Africa
Rob managed to scrape through the Syrian border and we aren’t 100% sure of his route from Syria south but he arrived in Egypt a few weeks back and plans to enter Sudan by ferry in the next few days.


Mike + Amandine
Valence, France to Kyrgyzstan
Riding recumbent bikes Mike and Amandine’s route along the south coast of Turkey eventually turned inland to Cappadocia as they headed north to Georgia.

Kate + Jacqui
Istanbul, Turkey to Norway
Kate and Jacqui headed south in Turkey before catching a ferry to Greece, then taking in Macedonia and most recently arriving in Croatia for some off season coastal cycling.

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