Day Of Food – Turkey 2

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Our day of food began well with breakfast at our free camp wedged between a newly blossoming hazelnut grove and a slow flowing canal. The weather was warm enough that we could afford a leisurely start to the day enjoying the early morning sun and having a dry tent to pack away. At lunch time the sun was still shining for our stop in the town of Unye before we headed out on minor road around a peninsula to Persembe. Our evening free camp was a different story with a strong wind making cooking difficult as sand quickly filled our pots and pans. In the darkening evening we quickly ate yet another delicious curry prepared by our travelling companion Fred but forgot to photograph it, so below is a picture of an equally delicious curry he made a few days earlier.


Our staple breakfast fare so far is porridge with assorted nuts, dried fruits, cinnamon and on this occasion two bananas.

Day of food - Breakfast

Morning snack

Cheese and meat borek (in the unusual shape of long fingers for a change) washed down with cay in Terme.

Day of food - Morning snack

Day of food - Morning cay

Emma’s secret morning snack

Emma enjoyed a Maximus bar the local equivalent of a Snickers on the sly but did photograph it for the purposes of this post.

Day of food - Emma's secret snack


A mixed picnic lunch with bread, crisps, cheese, green peppers, spicy pepper paste, apple and a can of aubergine dip drenched in oil. Followed by a packet of the new official (in Justin’s opinion) best Turkish biscuits – Tamdabu!

Day of food - Lunch

Day of food - Lunch


Dinner was an Indian style vegetable curry prepared by Fred with potatoes, tomatoes, green beans and rice on the side. Not pictured: best corn bread we’ve ever tasted, sandy side salad of tomatoes and cucumber with free lemon dressing.

Day of food - Dinner

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