Day Of Food – Georgia

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Being in Georgia for five days we thought would give us ample time to document a day of food however as the days ticked by and we forgot to take photos of what we ate we only managed to capture the meals from our last full day. Even on this Easter Monday breakfast had to be quickly recreated once the dinner dishes had been cleared away. Georgian food has some similarities with Turkish food but was different enough to stop our stomachs from getting bored especially with ample supplies of pork products and giant dumplings on offer.


Each morning in Tbilisi we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of yoghurt, muesli, bread and cheese while chatting with our Couchsurfing host.

Day of food - Breakfast

Morning snack

With only a handful of snack food places open we ate a pair of sub-standard cheese and bean filled pastries.

Day of food - Snack


A bar of chocolate for an appetiser followed by toasted sandwich filled with salami, spinach and tomato. Left over cold Khinkali (Georgian dumplings) and Khachapuri (cheese pie) on the side.

Day of food - Snack

Day of food - Lunch


We cooked our Couchsurfing host Eveline a farewell dinner of baked aubergines filled with mixed vegetables, topped with cottage cheese and bread crumbs. Fried rice with spinach and a mixed salad on the side.

Day of food - Dinner

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