Georgia By Numbers

posted by: Justin

In Georgia we spent most of our time in the capital Tbilisi with only one afternoon tripMtskheta Cathedral to the countryside. The weather was pretty wet lending itself more to indoor activities – read eating and drinking, however we managed a few cultural and physical activities so our statistics weren’t all food and drink related. While we were off the bikes in Georgia our flying visit convinced us that Georgia and cycle touring would be a great match.

Here are some facts and figures from our time off the bikes in Georgia:

  • 20 pints of Georgian beer consumed (12 pints Justin, 8 pints Emma)
  • 19 Khinkali (dumplings) consumed (note correlation to beer drunk)
  • 10 showers taken (one each every single day!)
  • 5 nights in a row in a real bed
  • 5 different varieties of beer tasted
  • 4 rainy days
  • 4 traditional dyed Easter eggs received
  • 3 attempts to visit closed Museums
  • 3 Russian people met
  • 1 puppet show watched
  • 0 km cycled (but 900km travelled in motorised vehicles)
  • 0 words of Georgian learnt (but we learnt a few words of Russian)

Justin’s most beer insulting Georgian moment: Watching a fellow passenger cross the border into Georgia and head straight to the nearest bottle shop only to emerge with a can of Turkish Efes!

Emma’s biggest regret: Not knowing enough Georgian to explain to the sincere party goer that we couldn’t join their speeches, singing and dancing in the back of the beer hall as we had tickets to attend a surreal puppet show in a few minutes time.

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