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Our cycle tourist diet in Russia has swung between feast and famine as we adjust to the growing distances between amenities, the further east we cycle. To counter lack of regular shops, we have started eating lunch out at Russia’s roadside cafe’s and this day was no different with a small snack of left-over lunch ingredients followed by second lunch not long after. From our extensive survey of Russian cuisine, we can report we like it very much!

The below documents what two hungry cyclists ate in one day in Russia.


Still eating morning Porridge – this one with banana, fruit and nuts and cookie crumbs on top.

Day of food - Breakfast

Lunch #1

Not much bread left, so snack / lunch of cheese, cucumber and salami followed by left over chocolates and sweets. Most of the bread we eat in Russia is darker and denser than the one pictured below.

Day of food - Lunch #1

Day of food - Lunch #1

Day of food - Snack

Lunch #2

Roadside cafe meal of meat and vegetable salad (a-lee-vye) and sweet fritters (a-la-dee) topped with our new favourite condiment, condensed milk!

Day of food - Lunch #2

Afternoon snack

Ice-creams! In cups! Eaten with ice-cream sticks instead of spoons. Two pastries eaten a little later- one with typical meat and onion filling, the other was fish flavoured.

Day of food - Snack

Day of food - Snack


Fried Russian dumplings with sour cream and side salad. Possibly our favourite Russian food. Dessert of Russian baby biscuits (the picture, not the potential customer) and bananas.

Day of food - Dinner

Day of food - Dinner

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3 responses to “Day Of Food – Russia”

  • I envy you eating all those delicious things and being able to use them for energy, not fat piling on the sides! 🙂 Because as a huge fan of Russian cousin I want to eat it all but can’t!

    The bread over there has many variations and names, most popular are black bread and grey bread. IT is made of rye-flour and is considered more healthy than usual white bread. Also it is my favorite! 🙂

    The OLIVYE salad is very popular salad, traditional in Russia. Everyone has heard of it, but nobody really tasted it outside of Russia. IT is called “Russian salad” in Turkey, but it has only name comparing to the original taste. I have seen “Russian salad” in Spain and Norway, but it is just potato and mayonnaise…

    The sweet pancakes are OLADYI they are made of cottage cheese. Well, cottage cheese is a bit different than you might have seen before. 🙂 It is something similar to Turkish “lor”, but not salty and more juicy.

    The dumplings are called PELMENI and they are like Turkish manti, but with lot more meat! 🙂 In fact, they originally come from Siberia and a “true chef” will prepare them small almost like turkish manti. But I guess the more meat – the better! :)))

    I am glad to see your travel is going well! And I always feel excited to see new posts! Continue writing Emma!

    Your “turkish” classmate,

    Elena. 🙂

  • Elena Kintero on May 30th, 2011 at 9:47 am
  • All of that food looks good! That’s one of the beauties of cycling, namely that you need to eat a lot and don’t feel guilty about it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Will Hawkins on May 31st, 2011 at 3:27 pm
  • Elena,
    Its lovely to hear from you and great to know that you are following along!
    We had figured that the bread options where ‘brown’ and ‘white-ish’ so its interesting they call it ‘grey’ and ‘black’ here. In regards to being able to eat what we want… err we’re surprisingly not getting any thinner.
    You’ve just enhanced my understanding of Russian food ten-fold – its something we knew nothing about before we set foot in the country and I’m keen to hear a lot more about.
    Will – I suspect some days (or most days….) that food is the reason that we cycle….


  • Emma on June 2nd, 2011 at 4:53 am

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