Day Of Food – Mongolia

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Our diet in Mongolia has become similar to that of local people with meat high on the ingredients list and few vegetables. As we find it hard to source fresh ingredients we are eating a lot more sugary junk food and as we did in Russia taking every opportunity we can to order food from any roadside cafe we pass. Using the staples of potatoes, carrots and onions in original ways has challenged our cooking skills but on this particular day a can of peas made all the difference to our evening meal.

The below documents what two hungry cyclists ate in one day in Mongolia.

Breakfast #1

With oats unavailable in Mongolia outside the bigger towns we have switched to eating Semolina. This morning it included dried apple, fresh apple and honey.

Day of food - breakfast #1

Breakfast #2

Chocolate coconut biscuits and a bar of chocolate that smelled like coffee but tasted like rice crispies. Moving onto a second cafe we had some fresh buuz (Mongolian dumplings) smothered in the always present ketchup.

Day of food - snack

Day of food - breakfast #2


Jam filled biscuits and flaky pastries that are a bit like tiny croissants. We are increasingly suspicious that the tiny croissants might be made with mares milk. Yuk!

Day of food - snack


We carried a take-away bag of food from our second breakfast stop containing a mix of rice, beef, potatoes and carrots. This was followed by some plain biscuits not to be confused with the jam filled biscuits from the morning snack.

Day of food - lunch

Day of food - lunch


Potatoes, canned peas, carrots and cherry tomatoes were cooked with curry powder and a grain similar to bulgur wheat to make our version of Indian Saag Aloo. A handful of dried apple and apricots was our meagre dessert.

Day of food - dinner

Day of food - dessert

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