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When we arrived in China we were looking forward to a big change from our Mongolian diet and we weren’t disappointed. Most menus offer a bewildering array of options all of which we are unable to appreciate not being able to read more than a few basic Chinese characters. Our ordering tactics include pointing at dishes that other diners are eating, wandering into the kitchen and selecting from the food on display or using our trusty point and show phrasebook. The cooker is remaining idle as we eat mainly at roadside cafes for prices cheaper than we can buy raw ingredients. Most days include at least one serving of baozi (steamed dumplings), miantiao (noodles) or mifan (rice) with side dishes and this particular day cycling the road between Dali and Kunming was atypical on that front.

The below documents what two hungry cyclists ate in one day in China.


A double portion of baozi filled with minced pork, side dishes of chilli, salt and vinegar and for Justin a bowl of warm milk.

Day of food - breakfast


Wheat digestive biscuits that have a bit of substance in comparison to most Chinese biscuits and some bready twists that were recommended by the customers in a small shop we stopped at.

Day of food - snack

Day of food - snack


Bakery products including soft white rolls filled with the ubiquitous red bean paste and a sweet crumbly pastry followed by a big bowl of noodles in a spicy broth topped with minced pork and spring onion. Also ate one super-sized baozi each by dipping in the noodle broth, although not sure if this is the normal approach to eating.

Day of food - lunch

Day of food - lunch

Day of food - lunch


A couple of our regular dishes including fried aubergine, pork and spicy green peppers and cucumber salad (warm in this case but not usually). A big bucket of rice, a bowl of pickled root vegetables and a dish of sunflower seeds were all served as accompaniments.

Day of food - dinner

Day of food - dinner


Half a packet of original flavour Oreo cookies was all we could muster for dessert in the small town we were staying in. With sweet desserts relatively uncommon in China we eat a lot of Oreos.Day of food - snack

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