Day Of Food – Thailand

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We regularly enjoyed green and red curries at our local Thai restaurant in London so we were expecting big things on the culinary front from Thailand and we weren’t disappointed. Our first overnight stop in Trat saw us wandering through a bustling night market between thundery downpours, our arms bulging with bags of delicious takeaway food. We have been enjoying the availability of fresh fruit and (somewhat guiltily) the wide availability of western treats (and air conditioning) via the ubiquitous 7/11 stores.

On this day of food we started from the seaside town of Bang Sare and cycled a fast 75km arriving in our destination Chon Buri in time for lunch. The below documents what two hungry cyclists ate in one day in Thailand.


A very European looking breakfast of oats, fresh papaya and strawberry yoghurt.

Day of food - breakfast


With air conditioned 7/11 stores at regular intervals we have been able to return to eating chocolate bars including our all time favourite Snickers.

Day of food - snack


Blueberry and mango “Fruit” (or at least fruit flavoured) shakes in a cafe while we used WiFi. Switching to a nearby restaurant we had soup with minced pork rolled in cabbage leaves and prawns, sweet sausage, rice and a spicy Papaya side salad.

Day of food - lunch

Day of food - lunch

Day of food - lunch


In a busy street side stall we sipped on a fresh lime shake and an iced coffee to accompany our dishes of broccoli and crispy pork, crispy duck and vegetables with tofu, all of course served with rice.

Day of food - dinner

Day of food - dinner

Day of food - dinner

Day of food - dinner

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