Thailand By Numbers

posted by: Justin

Our final country by numbers post has taken a while to put together meaning theJustin by Bangkok sign memories of our brief time are a little faded. Along with swimming and good food, the ever present knowledge that things were coming to an end tinge all my memories of Thailand.

Here are some facts and figures from our time cycle touring in Thailand:

  • 566 km cycled (longest day 122km, shortest 43km) in final six days of cycling
  • 124 portraits of the King counted as we cycled from the border to Bangkok
  • 79.5 kg of baggage packed for flight back to New Zealand
  • 13 nights in hotel beds
  • 8 job applications written and submitted
  • 3 international cycle tourists met (including a meal with our old mate Fred)
  • 2 meals of “thai” style curries among countless other memorable meals
  • 2 bicycles cleaned and pulled apart
  • 2 boat rides
  • 1 swim in the ocean enjoyed
  • 1 night side of the road hospitality (thanks Nic)
  • 1 mall overwhelmed by massive amount on sale in (but civilian clothes brought!)
  • 1 crab farm visited
  • 0 mechanical failures (not counting worn chainsets and chains)
  • 0 punctures

Justin’s most memorable ocean swim: I hadn’t swum in the ocean since we had cycled the coast of Croatia and had been looking forward to reaching a decent beach in South East Asia. The beaches of Cambodia were a little disappointing but in Thailand we found a stretch of beach with deserted tourist trappings and had a sunset dip.

Emma’s top Thai ride: The “scenic route” which in signposted, green bike path separated bliss took us along back roads and undeveloped beach fronts for a mere 80km before spitting us out onto the increasingly busy highway towards Bangkok.

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