1000 Kilometre Photo

1000 kilometre photo

Here is the first milestone photo, taken 10th April 2010 along the coast heading towards a campsite just outside San Sebastian, Spain. – Posted by Emma


2000 Kilometre Photo

2000 kilometre photo

Here is the second in our 1000km milestone photos. This one was taken on 28th April 2010 as we cycled between Taulis and St Marsal in France.
– Posted by Emma


3000 Kilometre Photo

3000 kilometre photo

Make sure you turn off ‘smell-o-vision’ and put away your ‘real-life-touch’ pads if you’re viewing this from the future. This photo documents 3000 kilometres in the saddle, taken on 21st May in Val de Chavagne, France just before the second downpour of the afternoon. – Posted by Emma


4000 Kilometre Photo

4000 kilometre photo

After speeding across the flat argenes alongside the Po river we have made it to 4000 kilometres very quickly. This photo was taken on 03 June as we headed East towards Sassoleone through the Appennino hills, climbing just outside Bisano. Unlike the previous 1000km mark on this occasion we weren’t stinky.
– Posted by Emma


5000 Kilometre Photo

5000 kilometre photo

We’ve been going a bit slower lately because of the “so hot it cooks your banana in your panniers” summer heat, so this 1000 kilometres sort of crept up on us. After a breakfast of fresh melon, muesli and yoghurt in Novalja (a town on the island of Pag in Croatia), the bicycle computer clicked over to 5000 kilometres as we were taking one last look at the waterfront after early morning espressos. – Posted by Emma


6000 Kilometre Photo

6000 kilometre photo

We passed the 6000km mark in the tiny village of Glumac, Serbia (however in Sarajevo, Bosnia our bike computers mysteriously added about 50 or 60 kilometres after a short pedal around town, so we’ve let go of accuracy a little for this post). We found a free camp spot down the road and behind train tracks shortly after this photo, asking permission from an old woman carrying water from the river to her garden at the end of a hot afternoon. – Posted by Emma


7000 Kilometre Photo

7000 kilometre photo

Somehow we have clocked up another 1000 making our distance to date a huge 7000 km before we’ve even left the Balkans. The 7000 kilometre photo was taken shortly after we left a hilltop free camp spot near Radyuvene in Bulgaria. The road directly behind me is in surprisingly good condition, considering most roads we have ridden on in this country have required serious pothole avoidance tactics. – Posted by Emma


8000 Kilometre Photo

8000 kilometre photo

The excitement of cycling on from Istanbul towards Cappadocia almost made us miss the 8000 km milestone. We took this photo arriving in the town of Bilecik after a morning spent darning holes in our tent mesh from hungry ants. The road to Bilecik was busy with trucks ferrying marble from quarries (like the one in the background) while after Bilecik the rain closed in for a wet afternoon of cycling. The passing truck drivers kept our spirits up with much horn tooting and waving though. – Posted by Justin


9000 Kilometre Photo

9000 kilometre photo

At 143 days after our last 1000km photo we’ve finally completed 9000 kilometres on the bicycles. This photo was taken on 22 January 2011 at Rumelifeneri on the Black Sea Coast, auspiciously marking the middle point of our longest and hilliest training ride since settling in Istanbul. – Posted by Emma


10,000 Kilometre Photo

10,000 kilometre photo

The epic Black Sea Coast route is the scene for this 10,000 kilometre photo taken on 11th April 2011 near Yaykil, Turkey. The last 1000 kilometres has seen the full range of cold weather cycling conditions, many refusals for payment of cay and the fewest navigational challenges of the trip – we just followed signs to Trabzon with the sea on our left. Next up is Russia where for our next 1000 km photo we will need to employ another hand! – Posted by Emma