11,000 Kilometre Photo

11,000 kilometre photo

On the 13th May 2011, our seventh cycling day in Russia, we passed the 11,000 kilometre mark on our way into the town of Kostroma. We have been gradually getting adjusted to the long straight Russian roads, the variable cycling surface and the fact that even a 100km plus day makes little dent in our map of Russia. – Posted by Justin


12,000 Kilometre Photo

12,000 kilometre photo

With light long into the evenings and a desire to get out of the lowlands before the mosquitoes ate us alive, we passed the 12,000 kilometre milestone on our second to last day between Kirov and Perm on 26th May 2011. This 1000 kilometres flew by so fast that we had to double-check it! – Posted by Emma


13,000 Kilometre Photo

13,000 kilometre photo

The awesome scenery in the Altay region almost made us miss the 13,000 kilometre mark as on 15th June 2011 we were just outside Onguday, Russia cycling along the Chuysky Tract. The previous few days had seen the flat forested landscape we had become used to change first into rolling hills and then into craggy peaks, sandy grasslands and rushing rivers. Like the 12,000 kilometre photo this one came up so quickly that we had to do a double check of our bike computers and trip notes to make sure it was correct. – Posted by Justin


14,000 Kilometre Photo

14,000 kilometre photo

The 14,000 kilometre photo was taken alongside Telmen Nuur (lake) on 18th July 2011. In Mongolia every kilometre we cycle feels like a huge achievement with 700 kilometres of this 1000 being cycled off-road. So unlike the 13,000 kilometre photo we were keeping a close eye on our bike computers as we approached this milestone. We are hoping that we will reach tarmac before the next 1000 kilometre mark is passed (both looking suitably rough in the photo). – Posted by Justin


15,000 Kilometre Photo

15,000 kilometre photo

The 15,000 kilometre photo was taken 50 kilometres south of Erenhot in Inner Mongolia, China on 14th August 2011. The landmark came on our first day cycling in China after catching a train from Ulaanbaatar to quickly exit Mongolia. Having already shopped, slept and eaten in our first well stocked middle of nowhere Chinese town, we cycled the last stretch of sandy Gobi desert land on flat tarmac roads, with only occasional dinosaur sculptures to break things up. We’ll leave you pondering why Emma looks like she’s dressed for summer and Justin for winter, while the clouds behind could swing either way. – Posted by Emma


16,000 Kilometre Photo

16,000 kilometre photo

The 16,000 kilometre photo was taken in the town of Foping, China on 1st September 2011. In an area with 0.4 pandas per square kilometre we were lucky to have three available to pose with us for this monumental photo. To be honest the photo was snapped at 16,012km but we thought the pandas were worth waiting for. Our panda encounters on this day weren’t only with the concrete variety as we unexpectedly had a sighting of a real live panda a few hours earlier. – Posted by Justin


17,000 Kilometre Photo

17,000 kilometre photo

The 17,000 kilometre photo was taken on the outskirts of Ya’an, China on 16th September 2011. We had just turned off the G108 road that we followed almost the whole way through China and onto the G318 that would lead us westwards. You can’t tell from the photo but the traffic was busy as usual although we had ducked onto a quiet footpath for a few hundred metres. – Posted by Justin


18,000 Kilometre Photo

18,000 kilometre photo

The 18,000 kilometre photo was taken near to Baishuitai, China on 10th October 2011. We were cycling with Kate and Jason who were our art directors and supporters for this photo. Having climbed a lot of passes in bad weather on poor road surfaces in the last 1000 kilometres, we were glad that for this photo the sun was shining, we were at the top of a hill and there was smooth asphalt as far as the eye could see. – Posted by Justin


19,000 Kilometre Photo

19,000 kilometre photo

The 19,000 kilometre photo was taken approximately 30km outside Jianshui, China on 28th October 2011. This would become our longest cycling day in China due to lack of camping spots and the fact our map’s distance markers were out by 30km forcing us to cycle 127km – a little further than we intended. Out of shot was a small Chinese boy who continued to shout “hello” from a nearby house for the duration of our photo shoot. – Posted by Emma


20,000 Kilometre Photo

20,000 kilometre photo

The 20,000 kilometre photo was taken approximately 5km outside Luang Prabang, Laos on 15th November 2011. That day we had covered a fairly quick 110km alongside the Nam Ou river before it merged with the Mekong. In the evening when we were settled in our comfortable guest house we raised a few toasts to the distance cycled so far and promised ourselves celebratory cakes the next day. – Posted by Justin