Hill Climbing Thoughts

Hill climbing thoughts

Why is that we seem to enjoy climbing hills on our fully loaded bikes so much? While slowly pedalling uphill I have had time to think about this and ponder if my aching legs are really worth any or all of; the beautiful view, the long downhill, a stop for snacks at the top. – Posted by Justin


Puncture Nation

Puncture Nation

Four spare inner tubes, one spare tyre, two bicycle pumps and twelve Park Tool Super Patch repair patches seemed a bit of overkill for two cyclists with just two weeks of cycling left of a six month cycling trip which has been stopped by minimal flat tyres to date. What tyre-some disasters could possibly befall us? – Posted by Emma


Turkish Cycle Touring Maps

Turkish cycle touring maps

Continuing our recent theme of posting about how we use maps we thought it might be useful to some blog readers to hear a little about our experiences using and buying maps of Turkey. If you are planning a route through Turkey by bicycle then hopefully our experiences below will convince you to pick-up a good quality map before you get to Turkey. – Posted by Justin


Coming Home

Coming home

In March 2010, we were leaving. Definitely leaving. I imagined that word in capital letters – six years of London life packed into three tea crates and left without a forwarding address. We would be fools to send our stuff back home, we figured. Sure we were headed towards New Zealand, but anything could happen in the interim. How can you begin to imagine the end, when you’re still haven’t left familiar roads? – Posted by Emma