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02 October 2007

Been on a cycling holiday along the length of Hadrians Wall in the north of the UK. It was a rain filled few days but still very enjoyable and coped with the rain by eating mega full englishes every day pints every evening and only a spot of cycling between. For the full low down on the trip check out Emmas full trip report.

For those of you who last saw me bearded and shaggy headed Im now clean shaven and close cropped but not gonna scare you with any pics of my ugly mug. [read more…]


Cycling, Terrahawks And No More Pox!


So I’ve been cycling and remembering Terrahawks a bit recently and you know what that means…I don’t have chickenpox anymore! I still have a few little scars remaining but they are gradually fading. Even so Chickenpox was not a lot of fun and Im very glad its over and done with hopefully for ever.

A few weeks back now Emma and I joined the London Critical Mass bike ride on a Friday night for a evening ride around central London. I particularly enjoyed being outside Westminster at the roundabout with cyclists circling the whole thing and the police helpfully stopping traffic for us until they got tired of the game and a paramedic car came through to break things up. [read more…]


Silent Disco, The Derby And Flat Hunting

Its been a fairly active last month or so covering the full spectrum of music, cycling, eating, working and playing. Actually on reflection that’s just your normal kind of month but if I didn’t introduce it as exciting you would never read any further. So onto some of the things I have been up to.

After we got back from Italy Emma headed off to Finland for a work conference and then took a few days afterwards with some workmates to do some walking. I spent the week at home wishing I was on holiday still and wishing I hadn’t decided £350 wasn’t to much for a ticket to Finland. [read more…]


End Of 2008 Update

Well slack old me has not posted to my blog since way back in June and that is just disgraceful but is I hope an indication of how busy Ive been in the last 5 months or so.

From my last post I mentioned that we were looking into moving house and that is partly why posting has been delayed. It took me two months to get an internet connection in new house due to the incompetence of Tiscali. Made me realise how dependent on broadband I am. Anyways new house is lovely with some friendly housemates. We have just spend a wonderful christmas day in our new flat with Turkey, Ham, wine, cider and my awesome red Xmas jumper as shown in pics. I got and gave some awesome presents including a Joe Blow standing pump for extra awesome bike tyre pumping action, a print of london life for Emma, some nice music by Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes and an adult sized space hopper. [read more…]


South India Feb/Mar 2009

South India Feb/Mar 2009

So India then….Somewhere I hadn’t really thought of going to before but its warm, the food is awesome, the UK pound is still worth something, lots of tea and my work flies to Goa so I can get a discounted flight. I wasn’t really sure what else but as I researched more I realised how much there was to do in South India and what a diverse place it was. Not really surprising for a region with a history of being invaded and ruled by so many different countries over the years. – Posted by Justin


Norfolk Coast + The Broads Cycling

Easter weekend we caught the train to Kings Lynn and then cycled following National Cycle Route (NCR) 1 across to Wighton with a detour to Holkham Hall and Wells-Next-The-Sea for bext fish n chips. From Wighton Regional Cycle Route (RCR) 30 to Cromer. The next day we cycled down the coast again on RCR 30 to Hemsbey then followed our noses inland to Coltishall. Day three saw us return across country lanes to Kings Lynn. All up 300km or so not a bad longish ride for the first of the year and nice to stretch the legs a little beyond the daily commute. See map after the link for route details and photos. [read more…]


Lands End To John O’Groats

Lands End to John O’Groats

Emma and I cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats and this is a posting which has links to Emmas detailed day by day account, twitter posts from along the way and a few other bits and pieces. – Posted by Justin


What LEJOG Taught Us About Time

Glen Nevis Campsite

When we cycled Lands End to John O’Groats last year, there is one thing that we didn’t have which we would have loved: more time. – Posted by Emma


London Goodbyes

Goodbye London

As time rushes towards our leaving date, London’s vibrancy and life almost floors me like it did when I was a newcomer. A few weeks ago I found myself walking across Blackfriars Bridge snapping pictures of graffiti on my old film camera. My hands freeze but the riverside, with its unique mash of architecture crowding behind it, still absorbs me. – Posted by Emma


Last Drinks, First Pack

London Photo

So our day of departure creeps ever closer and this weekends leaving drinks really forced the fact home that we don’t have long left in London. After years of attending other peoples leaving drinks Emma and I agreed it felt strange to be saying goodbye to people when its us that are leaving. – Posted by Justin