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Istanbul Cycle Tourists – Oct

Istanbul cycle tourists

During our cycle tour from Spain to Istanbul via a long and winding route we made regular use of the website Members offer to put you up for a night or two in a similar way to popular hospitality website couch surfing but with a solely cycling based membership. Now that we are settled in Istanbul for the winter we’re happy to fill the role of hosts ourselves, although we weren’t expecting many guests as the weather got colder. – Posted by Justin


Istanbul Cycle Tourists – Nov

Istanbul Cycle Tourists - November

Over the last six weeks in Istanbul, we have been amazed by the number of passing cycle tourists that have contacted us to meet up for a drink or who have made themselves at home with us for a few days. Since our first post about some of the cycle tourists we met in Istanbul we were expecting visitor numbers to dwindle into the winter months but so far they show no sign of letting up. – Posted by Justin


Istanbul Cycle Tourists – Dec

Istanbul cycle tourists - Dec

While we only had one couple stay with us, December saw us meet up with the largest number of cycle tourists in Istanbul to date. Most of the people we met were taking their journey slowly and trying to delay moving into colder regions for as long as they could. – Posted by Justin


Istanbul Cycle Tourists – Jan

Istanbul cycle tourists - Jan

Following a bumper month of meeting cycle tourists in December, January proved to be a little less busy with only one pair of cycling house guests and a single evening meet-up. Our recumbent riding house guests gave me a my first ever chance to coast briefly down hill on a recumbent and even with Mike keeping me balanced I felt totally out of control. – Posted by Justin


Istanbul Cycle Tourists – Feb

Istanbul cycle tourists - Feb

The wintery month of February has flown by with as you might expect only the hardiest of cycle tourists on the road. We read a few blog posts of cyclists passing through Istanbul and after a flurry of Warmshowers hosting requests ended up only hosting a single cyclist this month. – Posted by Justin


Istanbul Cycle Tourist Updates

Istanbul cycle tourist updates

Over the last six months of living in Istanbul we have had the chance to met many cycle tourists. Some of them were bravely cycling eastwards through the winter while we huddled indoors, some were ending their summer cycling holiday and others were figuring out where they were headed on the road. All of the cyclists we met helped keep our enthusiasm for cycling topped up and the time spent swapping stories was always entertaining. – Posted by Justin