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Forget the flat roads, constant coating of dust and scorching sun - what Cambodia lacks in stunning cycling, it makes up with in spades in just two words: Angkor Wat. But the ancient Khmer temples were just a small part of our cycle touring adventures in this small country. As we cycled past the 22,000 kilometre mark, we learnt to love shaved ice desserts and coconuts and had a whole lot of lesser-known temples to ourselves.

The city of Siem Reap was an assault on the senses, but we enjoyed a week in this bustling tourist town as much as the quiet moments we managed among the throngs at Angkor Wat. After temple fatigue set in, we set our longest day record on the way to the busy capital of Phnom Penh. There we took in the scars of the Khmer Rouge's regime and continued our affair with the countries kitchen by learning a few Cambodian dishes.

Heading for the South Coast, the Chinese new year put a spanner in our beach plans, so instead we sat out some hot days in the charming small town of Kampot before our final hilly but wildlife-filled ride to the border with Thailand.

Statue on bridge - Angkor Thom

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This map shows the route we cycled through Cambodia. To see full details of where we have cycled, take a look at our full route map.

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