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After the complications of getting our Russian visas we were looking forward to putting them to use as we arrived in Sochi by ferry across the Black Sea. We always knew the train journey from Sochi to Moscow with bicycles would be difficult and we were right. With much heaving of luggage and pacification of train conductors we managed to ensure a relatively smooth journey for us and our bikes.

After a few days sight-seeing in Moscow we finally got back on our bikes and headed North East cycling through the Golden Circle towards Kostroma and passing the 11,000km mark.

From Kostroma our cycle touring route east towards Kirov took us into wilder territory where the condition of the roads competed for our attention with the threat of bears.

While cycling towards Perm and an invitation to enjoy a Russian banya (sauna) we documented our Russian day of food including delicious Russian dumplings and cycled through the 12,000km mark.

A nights journey on the Trans-Siberian saw us reach Novosibirsk. Heading south we cycled into a Siberian summer in full swing with mosquitoes and thunderstorms galore. We celebrated our arrival by bicycle at the border of the Altai Region before taking a break from cycling for a few days in Chemal where we enjoyed the company of Russian holiday makers before heading on past the 13,000km mark.

Our final week is spent cycling close to the Mongolian border due to an enforced wait for new bike parts. Not that we mind the wait too much.

St. Basils cathedral

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This map shows the route we cycled through Russia. To see full details of where we have cycled, take a look at our full route map.

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