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Within a few days of entering Turkey by bicycle we had met a few other cyclists on the road to Istanbul, teaming up with a few of these we followed a winding route to the shores of the Bosporous.

After a rushed few days in Istanbul we again set out on our way to Capadocia. The cycling to Cappadocia was some of our most scenic and adventure filled yet as we passed the 8000km mark along the way and got a little lost on some Turkish country roads to be greeted by remote villages and awe inspiring vistas. As we cycle toured through some of the more inland parts of Turkey finding our route very hilly in parts we began to notice the roads were eating up our tyres leading to a bad run of punctures.

Our day of food in Turkey was spent near Tuz Golu only a few days out from Cappadocia and was part of some of the flattest cycle touring in Turkey we have done to date.

As we reached Cappadocia by bicycle and setup camp for a few days we got to enjoy the daily sights of hot air balloons floating past our tent before we headed back from Goreme to Istanbul by bus.

In 2011 we continued our cycle touring in Turkey by heading east from Istanbul along the Black Sea coast route. We climbed some particularly steep hills in places the locals thought we should avoid and receive many gifts of hazelnuts. Although the road was scenic it was also filled with a lot of road works, but this didn’t stop us managing to pass the 10,000km mark as we cycled on to Trabzon and the mystical ferry across the Black Sea to Sochi.

Scenery near Aladag Cayi

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This map shows the route we cycled through Turkey. To see full details of where we have cycled, take a look at our full route map.

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