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We only had eleven days cycle touring in Vietnam between the hill top town of Sa Pa and The Tay Trang border crossing into Laos. This gave us only a brief glimpse of Vietnam but included stunning scenery, remote roads and engaging encounters with local people.

We managed to sample a good range of Vietnamese food during our time bicycling in Vietnam finding that the rolled rice pancakes were a firm favourite.

The cycling between Sa Pa and the border town of Dien Bien Phu had some serious hill climbs but views of thick jungle stretching into the distance made it worthwhile.

Assembling our statistics for cycling in Vietnam we realised we met almost as many cycle tourists in Vietnam during our 11 day visit as we did over an almost two month cycle tour of Russia. This makes us think we could definately spend more time cycling in Vietnam.

Steep mountains + rice fields

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This map shows the route we cycled through Vietnam. To see full details of where we have cycled, take a look at our full route map.

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