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Want to know what camping equipment we took on our cycle tour? Read on for reviews of the equipment we considered along with our reasons for purchasing the final product. As we are on the road we will be updating the camping gear section to explain how our gear is performing under daily use.

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The clothing we took was chosen for a range of reasons including weight, warmth, waterproofness and comfort. We also wanted clothing that was versatile allowing us to wear it on the bike, for hiking and items that wouldn't look out of place on city streets. As we are on the road we will be updating the clothing section with how warm, cold, dry and comfortable we are.

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We wouldn't be here without our trusty steeds. Read on if you want to check out our cycle touring frames, saddles and other bits that bolt on the bikes. As we are on the road we will be providing updates on how our cycle tour gear is performing.

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There are a few gadgets which we decided would make life on the road a little easier. Read on to see what electronic equipment we decided to use on the road. We'll let you know how our computer copes with outdoor living outdoor after a few months on the road.

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Odd bits of kit and services which don't fit somewhere above might be found here including money stuff, travel insurance and toiletries. This section will be updated as we travel with how we found stuff on the road.

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