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Orikaso Fold Flat Tableware


We're fond of origami, a set for two is pretty cheap and they just looked fun. We tested them on our LEJOG trip and despite the mugs being a bit rubbish when hot liquid is in them, we thought that they did the job and have never looked back.

How has it performed (22/07/2010)? Pretty quickly a number of our plates (oh and the packaging) got a bit close to the flames from our cooker and ended up with burn marks. We insigated a rule of only using the less useful cups as pot lids. As they are fairly cheap we treated ourselves to a new set as part of our Italian gear drop and we've kept the new set a little further away from fire. Dinner being such a big part of our day, we love that we can pull together a bread plate, or use a flattened piece for a chopping board. We would highly recommend them.

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