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Marmot Hydrogen

sleeping bag - Justin

My previous sleeping bag was a Mountain Designs bag and saw me fine through about 7 years of intermittent camping. It was a nice size bag and considering its age and the use it had it lasted remarkably well. Something I liked about the Mountain Design bag was the slightly water resistant outer, Im not 100% sure of its construction material some kind of light gore-tex perhaps but it stood up to ocassional condensation issues well.

My end decision was based around the Hydrogen being a good weight and having a warmish comfort temperature paired with a fairly low minimum. I also found an end of line sale with a good price on the Hydrogen so snapped it up.

The other contendors for sleeping bag were:

Model Weight °C - Min/Comfort
Marmot Hydrogen 702gm -17/4
Mountain Equipment Xero 350 730gm -15/5
Mountain Hardwear Phantom 15 880gm -9/-3
Marmot Helium 902gm -27/-2.5

How has it performed (27/05/2010)?I have been a little disappointed with my sleeping bag and its ability to keep me warm. Evene when not camping at altitudes above 1000m and in snow I have found it necessary to wear therml pants, socks and shirt inside the sleeping bag and liner, with this additional clothing I am comfortable. My bag has also been generating a degree ofmoisture on the bag outer when I wake up each morning, the moisture is soon dryed by airing the bag but this did suprise me to start with, again I think this is partly due to the cold temperatures we have been sleeping in.

Marmot Hydrogen