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Jagbag Endura

sleeping bag liner

We had previously owned Jagbag fine silk liners which we bought off ebay for a very reasonable £15. These liners were used for our trip to South India and then went on to be used when we cycled Lands End to John O'Groats. So in total we had probably slept around 5 weeks in them.

We were a little disappointed with the durability as after the initial gentle hand wash of the liners they showed a lot of areas where the silk had freyed and was pulling apart. So we decided that we should invest in something a lot more durable and after some reading around decided that rip-stop silk was what we wanted. Interestingly few companies who make silk liners actually make a rip-stop version with one company even telling me there was no such thing as rip-stop silk.

The best rip-stop liner we found was the Kathmandu Rip-Stop Liner v2 but at an eye-watering £45 (or 25% of our sleeping bag cost) it was just to much. After an email to Jagbag explaining our experience with their fine silk liner they directed us to the Endura versions along with some customer testimonials of durability under very heavy usage. So far we can only agree - they're strong, cool and when they're aired we like seeing the bright colours waving in the wind.