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Shimano MT70

cycling shoes - Justin

When I decided to start riding with SPD clips for my daily commuting in London I knew that I needed a pair of fairly rugged but also comfortable shoes. My commute involved cycling and in winter negotiating icy train station stairs. So my shoes needed to have sufficient grip to stop me taking a tumble when carrying my bike. The Gore Tex outer of the shoes appealed to me as did the recessed cleats and rugged Vibram sole. I also had our current longer tour in mind so wanted a pair of shoes that would be comfy to wear for extended walking off the bike.

The shoes have held up remarkably well considering that I wore them almost continually for 8 months through snow, rain, mud and the usual harsh treatment of life on the road.

My only real complaint with them is how they handle heavy rain where water running down my legs and into the shoes make the Gore Tex work in reverse. I end up feeling like I am wearing buckets on my feet as the water doesnt drain out. Wearing overshoes helps a little but if the rain is heavy enough and you are in it for long enough the water seems to get through.

Otherwise Im very happy with the Shimano MT70 shoes and although they look decidedly worn there are no real signs of damage so far.

Justin naps in Citta di Castello