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Taranaki 190 Baselayer

merino wool top - Justin

Emma did most of the research into our merino wool tops comparing the various prices, colours and weights available before she presented me with my long sleeved bright blue top from Chocolate Fish for Christmas. The top had been ordered in size medium which it turned out was a little bit too baggy for me so with no hassle we exchanged it for a smaller size.

To be honest I didn't use the top too much except for a few very cold and snowy cycling days in Spain and France, but it served me well keeping my torso nice and warm with only the addition of my fleece and rain jacket.

How has it performed (04/06/2010)? As I had hardly used the top I was a little upset when going through my panniers I discovered the top had a small rip under the arm on one of the seams. I snapped a few photos and emailed them to Chocolate Fish and without any hassle at all they said I could return the top for a replacement. Even better as I didn't have a fixed address they would hold onto the replacement during the warm summer months and forward the replacement when we were settled in Istanbul for the winter.

Replacement Update (05/10/2010)? My replacement top arrived a few days ago, just in time for some colder weather and in lieu of refunding my postage the great people at Chocolate Fish had sent me a merino skull cap to fit under my helmet. Great stuff Chocolate Fish this is brilliant customer service and I am now one happy customer.