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Endura Event Jacket

rain jacket - Emma

I spotted this on the sale rack of an Evans cycle shop and after quickly checking reviews from Bike Radar. I cycled across London to pick one up in my size. The jacket's mountain biker cut allows room for a few more layers underneath compared to the slimmer cut Gore jackets and I brought the understated black model so I wouldn't stand out too much when off the bike. This model has been discontinued by Endura who have replaced it with the hooded M500.

How has it performed (20/10/2010): Our rain gear was given a thorough soaking before we even left British soil - two full days of rainy cycling was England's parting gift. No complaints about the Endura Event jacket - it has been quick to dry after soakings, it is warm enough to wear without an insulating layer under it in most weather and fits a few thick layers underneath when it has been really cold and it has dealt with being squeezed unceremoniously into panniers during stretches of warm weather. It has no signs of wear at all.

3000 kilometre photo