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Paramo Quito

rain jacket - Justin

My jacket decision was long and drawn out primarily because my Gill Freedom jacket was so feature rich and had served me very well through two London winters of commuting. The Gill jacket had numerous pockets, underarm vents, fleece collar liner and a cut that meant it didnt look out of place on city streets.

After visiting the London cycling show and trying on an Endura MT500 I was fairly convinced it was the jacket for me. The Endura range for 2010 has changed from being made from eVent to an Endura specific PTFE fabric. This fabric is considered to be more waterproof and breathable then eVent but according to the description requires re-activation with a cool iron. This re-activation proces worried me a little so I put my plans for the MT500 on hold. In the meantime Emma got herself an Endura Venturi jacket (made from eVent) and firmly told me I couldnt get a similar jacket making the MT500 look more of an outside option.

While purchasing our Hilleberg Allak tent we had visited another outdoor store in Stockport and had a chat to a salesman from Paramo about the Quito jacket. After further research and considering the reviews online for the Quito I decided to purchase one.

The other contendors for jacket were:

Model Weight Material
Paramo Quito 500gm Nikwax Membrane
Montane Stormrider 300gm eVent
Endura Event (Emmas Jacket) 438gm eVent
Endura MT500 PTFE
Gore Alp X 230gm Goretex

How has it performed (07/02/2011): Towards the end of our first six months on the road I noticed some "pilling" of the fabric near the drop tail section of my jacket. The pilling had resulted in some loose threads protruding from the rip-stop weave of the fabric. I was worried that the loose threads could catch on something and cause more damage to the jacket so contacted Paramo customer services to ask for their advice. It turned out there had been a temporary problem with a specific batch of fabric that affected my jacket and they asked me to return it using the standard returns procedure. I explained that I was living in Istanbul but was visiting the UK for a few days and had hoped to exchange the jacket at their Covent Garden store. Very helpfully they said this wasn't a problem and I could collect a new jacket in London.

This customer service ranks among some of the best we have experienced from the various helpful kit companies we have dealt with. So besides my already excellent experience of the Paramo Quito performance wise, Paramo also have brilliant customer service to back their products up. Well done Paramo!

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Sad, Rainy Justin in Gorges Du Tarn